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Spots & Space provides a cost-effective solution to the challenge of reaching hard-to reach audiences – ethnic, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. As well as many other culturally, demographically or geographically-defined audiences.

Tailor-made media solutions

Spots & Space offers advertisers and their agencies direct access to more than 600 quality, independent media outlets.  We represent the best media in Australia to reach diverse and niche audiences.

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A complete service for every campaign

When you deal with Spots & Space, you deal with a senior, knowledgeable professional.  We take care of every aspect of your campaign,  from booking it, to post-reporting, and payments to the media.

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Tap into our expertise and insights

Spots & Space have 20 years of accumulated knowledge  and a deep understanding of diverse media and markets.  Share our insights and find out about seasonal and cultural advertising opportunities.

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