Indigenous TV

Indigenous Television already plays an important role in preserving Indigenous culture. There are currently four broadcasters;

  • Goolarri TV (GTV) – Broome
  • ICTV – Remote WA, SA, NT & QLD
  • Larrakia TV – Darwin
  • NITV – Mt Isa, Bourke, Alice Springs + Pay TV

A wide range of audiences access Indigenous radio and television across Australia with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous listeners and viewers identifying the following as key attractions*:

  • They feel Indigenous media offer an essential service to communities and play a central organising role in community life;
  • Indigenous media help people to maintain social networks;
  • Indigenous media are playing a strong educative role in communities, particularly for young people;
  • They offer an alternative source of news and information about the community which avoids stereotyping of Indigenous people and issues;
  • They are helping to break down stereotypes about Indigenous people for the non-Indigenous community, thus playing an important role in cross-cultural dialogue; and

Indigenous media is about empowerment of Indigenous people, and through that empowerment we’re looking at better lifestyle for our people, improved health, just having that empowerment at grass root level.  Indigenous media is a tool to be used to get to that.”  (Jenni Enosa, Chairperson, Torres Strait Islander Media Association)

* Griffith University – 2007 Community Media Maters Study

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