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SENIORS – more time, more choices than ever before

Seniors Radio are stations dedicated to the mature age radio listener. Some six million Australians are aged 50 and over right now, and the number is growing rapidly because of:

  • Baby boomers reaching retirement age
  • Increased life expectances (83 years for women, 78 for men)

At the same time, the retirement age has not changed much and has remained close to 60 years for men, and 58 years for women, for the past 25 years* (ABS figures).

This all adds up to more time for older people to enjoy their retirement years. While baby boomers have shown themselves to be very adaptable to new media, older Australians remain the most loyal consumers of traditional media.

Seniors Radio: The facts

  • Already, more than 20 community stations nationally are dedicated to mature age radio listeners
  • Access to local information and news is the single biggest reason for listening to regional community radio
  • Specialist music programs attract 28% of metropolitan community radio listeners aged 55 and over
  • 22% of regional listeners, of community radio, are retirees

(Source:  Community Radio National Listener Survey, McNair Ingenuity Research & *ABS)


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